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What We Do

The global metal fabrication market was valued at $16.35 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at a rate of 3.0%, reaching $21.38 billion by 2024. The “market” in this case covers all different forms of fabrication, including metal cutting, machining, welding, punching and forming.

Tonnage Industrial offers a complete line of products for all your metal-working needs, making us the newest steel and aluminum company around. Tonnage Industrial is a new, agile industrial metal fabrication and sourcing service center which will provide the quality steel, aluminum and galvanized metal and other industrial products and tools that you need in the Southern California regions and beyond.

We provide quality metal materials and fabrication for every construction type. Not only are we a metal service center and fabrication company that offers products beyond the steel industry, but we also provide a broad assortment of brand name tools and supplies ranging from power tools, hand tools, safety equipment and supplies, tool accessories, and shop supplies. Tonnage Industrial is a quality steel company that aims to provide our clients with all the best materials for their needs and projects.

Southern California, with significant infrastructure projects currently in process or in planning phases, has the depth of demand necessary for new market entrants such as Tonnage Industrial. There are three core segments in which Tonnage Industrial services will exist: metal distribution, metal fabrication and industrial supplies & consumables. With direct to customer delivery, careful application of both proprietary software and product knowledge, Tonnage Industrial will be able to fulfill customer orders nationwide.

Tonnage Industrial has several core advantages which are both simple and highly effective:

1. The company works as a “one stop shop" for not only the metal and fabrication; it easily supplies the industrial consumables and other supplies needed for any job site.

2. Based on a specialized network of delivery mechanisms which the founder, Greg Phillips has established, Tonnage Industrial has an unmatched speed to customer.

3. By being small, nimble and quick to adjust to market conditions, Tonnage Industrial is ideally suited to service time-sensitive client orders and projects both large & complex or simple and small. We just want your business a TON!"