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US Iron and Steel Company

The metal fabrication needs of modern businesses range from the straightforward to the complex, from the small to the large, and it’s extremely important to partner with the right iron and steel company to ensure that your requirements are met to the letter, on time, and as cost-efficiently as possible.

As a custom metals company, we at Tonnage Industrial pride ourselves on delivering excellence, every time. We are passionate about our professionalism and are confident that once you have utilized our services, we will be the US steel company that you’ll come back to, time and time again. In a world of fluctuating commodity prices and changing fabrication demands, we believe in being our clients’ “secret weapon” in achieving their fabrication and repair goals.

Whatever your metal fabrication requirements, we are the steel company that will offer you the fast turn around that your business needs. Our experience in the industry is that the type of rapid custom metal fabrication that we offer has long been available to larger businesses and corporations, but traditionally has been less accessible to smaller organizations. We made it our mission to change that, by making our years of experience and expertise as an iron and steel company available to companies of all sizes.

At Tonnage Industrial we offer a complete line of products for all your metal needs. As a metals company we operate as an agile fabrication and metal sourcing service center, which can provide high quality steel, aluminum and galvanized metal. We also go a step further by offering a wide range of brand name industrial tools and supplies including hand tools, power tools, tool accessories, safety equipment and supplies, and shop supplies. Whatever your requirements, get in touch with Tonnage Industrial today to discuss how we can help fulfil your needs.

Carbon Steel

High Carbon Steel is extremely hard, making it ideal for resisting abrasion, retaining shape, and withstanding significant force before deformation.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is preferred due to its chromium content which prevents corrosion, discoloration or other superficial damage.


Aluminum is used when higher thermal conductivity is needed and lower electrical conductivity is desired. It is also very lightweight.

Industrial Supplies

At every job site, many items are required for worker and location safety. We offer full line support in all areas for OSHA & other compliance for worker safety.

Meet the team – Greg

Greg Phillips is the Founder & CEO of Tonnage Industrial. He started at Phillips Steel, in Long Beach, in March 1988 which was then a small family business with 12 employees. When he left in April 2018, the company had 60 employees, nearly all directly reporting to him. His position for the last 25 years as Vice-President has earned him respect in the community and with business associates. In April 2018 he opened Tonnage IndustriaI, and with his long history in the industry he knows and loves, Greg is proud to continue serving his long-term customers. His greatest areas of strength are in: - Business development - Supplier development - Human Resources - Financial oversight - Sales & Marketing - Day-to-day operations - Production - Logistics - Accounts payable & accounts receivable Greg is a 50% owner of Tonnage Industrial and is proud to serve with his brother Todd in building an even better version of the family businesses they grew up in together.

Who We Are

Meet the team – Todd

Todd was born in Long Beach as well he and has lived and worked in the area all his life. The steel industry has been in his life since he was born. He fondly remembers spending time at the company where he was raised and have seen all facets of the industry from scrap, material processing, material handling and order processing from start to finish. His area's of focus for the family business was primarily: - Order writing and processing from yard to customer delivery - Long-term relations with employees, customers, and vendors - Metal and industrial supply sales and purchasing - Teamwork & personnel development - Accounting - Safety - Succession planning He joined Tonnage Industrial only about a month after Greg made the transition and he is a 50% shareholder in the company.

Who We Are

Tons of Fans

"Greg's years of experience in the industry have been critical for him being in the position that he is, to launch a new venture with the support of three decades of clients, customers, suppliers, and vendors. I know that through having worked on bid projects with him and produced high-quality metal fabrication on demand, no matter the time frame or distances involved. I have no doubt that Tonnage Industrial will have literally tons of success."

S. Alan Eaker - Bidding & Sales Consultant

"For years, I relied on Greg to get me the commercial supplies, consumables and often unique fabricated metal pieces for the oil industry segment. His knowledge is unparalleled along with his rapport with his clients. He serves his community, industry, and business like an extended family. That is why we do choose to work with him."

P. Gonshak -

"Having spent nearly 25 years in the logistics and planning industries, I am intimately familiar with the ever-changing needs for industrial supplies and even custom cut steel fabrication. I have and will continue to trust both Greg & Todd Phillips with Tonnage Industrial whenever & where ever I might need their products."

S. Newton - Logistics & Strategic Planning